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8 On-Trend Furnishings That Make an Impression

We understand how important it is to design a Senior Living space that will make a great impression on residents, guests and prospects on a daily basis. That’s why we’ve rounded up eight trending Senior Living products for 2018 that are sure to strike a chord. Infuse your designs with these products to create an on-trend space any resident would be proud to call home.

A Guide to Table Setting & Caring for Smallwares

Knowing the different ways to professionally set a table professionally goes a long way in the foodservice experience. We’ll not only tell you how but also let you know how to care for your glassware, china and flatware, too.

Efficient Cooking Equipment Affects More than the Kitchen

Creating pleasurable dining in Long Term Care for residents starts with having a kitchen that is both operationally efficient and well-equipped. Obviously, an efficient kitchen will not only help increase food safety and food quality, but equipment that can cook more food faster will also allow staff more time to engage with residents.

The Benefits of Transaction Automation

Just think about how many people have to touch a manually processed invoice and you might understand one of the main frustrations of Senior Living AP professionals everywhere.